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Immobase offers THREE NEW WAYS of finding real estate in Germany in success

Immobase specialized in space demand of searching real estate parties in Germany. Every user can place their real estate request (investment profile, renting request) concerning their individual needs (residential, commercial, retail) as an ad online. With release of the real estate requesting ad….

  • every user receives referrals instantly out of more than 20.000 exclusively listed Immobase real estate offers
  • every user is able to house advertise his on request(s) through social media and
  • chances are given to receive direct offers of owners, brokers and property management companies directly.

Immobase benefits through THREE NEW WAYS of qualifying unknown and attractive real estate offers. The real estate requesting database “Immobase” recommends buying or renting offers, as soon as the request is published. The data base supports free of charges house advertisement activities (best offers are “off market”, suggestions through circle of friends, group postings). It provides real estate offerors (broker, sales agents, property management, developer and owners) the exclusive opportunity to get access to new direct customers “at the push of a button” and for their individual selling or renting needs.

The first requesting ad is FOR FREE (no contract binding). Forthcoming there are further cooperation´s planned with portfolio management companies so that the amount offers should reach apr. 30.000 by the beginning of 2016.
Place your real estate request online and receive matching real estate offers straightaway. Qualify new and attractive real estate offers with your personal real estate requesting ad for Germany.